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Natural Advertising

a perfect give away

post seed® is the ideal media vehicle for any brand or campaign. In the form of flowers, herbs, grasses and vegetables, it offers a growing value added which positively influences consumer decision at the point of sale, highlights your "green image" in direct marketing and durably remains in the memory of your target group.

post seed® is available in different versions: as a self-adhesive label, a tag or a card.

4 areas of design are available for messages and individual design. 

Indeed, it can be used for labeling, for boosting mailings or simply as an inducement to buy: in any case, it is bound to attract the right attention!

The layout, material, shape and format of post seed® can be specifically tailored to match your product or your corporate design.

promotional items with seeds

Our Concept

high-quality seed as an innovative advertising medium

In post seed®, the printing specialist Faubel and the seed-processing expert SUET have developed an innovative advertising medium which gently incorporates quality seeds.

User-friendliness is a priority in all our applications. By pulling the grip tab, you can easily detach the seed tape to plant the seeds into the ground at an ideal distance from each other. Just after a few days you'll see the seedlings spring to life!

In addition to its brilliant print quality and first-class seeds, post seed® can be enhanced by adding scented coatings and embossing. 

A world of shapes

The post seed® card can be designed in the shape of a flower, an egg or a ball. The detachable section of the seed tape can be adapted to countless items.

green promotion

post seed is so easy to use!

A colorful mix

select your seeds

Salads / Vegetables

  • Asian salad mix
  • Baby Leaf salad mix
  • Lettuce
  • Rocket salad
  • Carrots


  • Basil
  • Cress
  • Parsley
  • Chervil
  • Chives
  • Dill
  • Summer savory
  • Thyme
  • Lemon balm

Flowers / Grasses

  • Flower mix
  • Poppy
  • Zinnia
  • Forget-me-not
  • Annual ryegrass

... other varieties of seeds can be checked for feasibility upon request. Feel free to ask!

Customer projects

post seed® ideas for you

Beverage Crates

VILSA chooses post seed® for its sustainability campaign.

Since January of this year, VILSA Mineralwasser has been decorating its beverage crates with post seed® cardboard front walls. These are giveaways from the "Feel nature with VILSA" campaign that is dedicated to a matter close to the heart of the North German family business: protecting and preserving the environment.  

Planting Box

Packaging is an inevitable part of daily life. Supplemented by a post seed® card filled with e.g. basil seeds, it can however become a token of appreciation towards customers and the environment. Once its contents have been eaten, the packaging does not become waste, but a planting box. All you need to do is to fill it with soil, lay the seed tape, cover it with a thin layer of soil and water it. Your next tomato dish will soon be flavored with some fresh herbs especially harvested from your windowsill.

post seed®, your little garden from the box.

NVV Action: „Easter nests to go“

Under the motto "We make things grow", the North Hessian Transport Alliance (NVV) opted for post seed® cards to send Easter greetings to its Regio-Tram passengers.

In their "Easter nests to go", passengers found a seed tape with cress seeds, short planting instructions and a letter from NVV.
Read more about the promotional campaign by the NVV

Tasteful advertising

The adaptability of post seed® to verious products is demonstrated in the following examples: a tube of cream can be dressed like a bottle or a glass jar.

A card with carrot seeds can be added to the gift package including bottle and band.

Any other suggestions?

The barbecue season is on: cool beer for men, colorful flowers for women! How about placing a post seed® packet containing summery poppy seeds inside a crate of beer? It may fulfill clichés but it's above all a nice attention!

Who has the most beautiful flower garden?

Combined with a prize competition, post seed® also has potential for promotional activities


The post seed® tag offers up to four pages of space to accommodate exceptional design and plenty of information.

Why not add …

  • a "carrot" tag to your vegetable juice for a more balanced diet?
  • Or a "grass" tag to a lawn fertilizer? Information on ideal planting conditions is provided in the attached text where readers are invited to take part in a competition.


Wrapped around the product, the post seed® sleeve creates enough space for individual printing.

What else can it do?

  • Improve vision. The light bulb featuring a sleeve of the variety "carrot" does not only illuminate the house but enhances vision, too!
  • Refined taste with fresh herbs. A jar of tomato sauce with a sleeve of the variety "basil".


In its self-adhesive version, post seed® works both as a product label and an inducement to buy.

Why not add …

  • a "rocket and basil" label to your salad dressing? It will taste even better with salads and herbs from our own garden!
  • Or a "flower mix" label to your jam? A bunch of fresh flowers on your table is an invitation to extend breakfast and enjoy it fully.


This version of post seed® can be simultaneously used as a give-away, a label and a postcard. Besides, it works cross medially.

Why not attach ...

  • a "forget-me-not" postcard to a package delivery for the sender to be remembered?
  • Or even a "thyme", heart-shaped post seed® to a Mother's Day promotional action? On top of things, an exclusive spa weekend to be won by sending off the integrated postcard..


Full service refers to all the services provided from the initial idea to the optimal presentation of post seed® at the point of sale:  

  • ideation
  • conception
  • production
  • packaging
  • shipping
  • presentation

If post seed® is optimally displayed at the point of sale, the corresponding brand, the product and the campaign will enjoy the best possible support. The layout and format of the displays can be modified to suit the conditions of the retail space.

Sweet and flowery - this is post seed®

The combination of delicious chocolate and mixed color flowers is the perfect gift idea. Suitable for every occasion, every recipient, it's the ultimate mood booster.

See here.


in seeds and prints 

The seed value is increased by the high quality processing procedures performed by SUET Saat- und Erntetechnik. Quality is assured by our complete range of services.

Comprehensive quality assurance according to the Management Quality System DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 covers every aspect and each sector in our Enterprise, beginning with the basic materials and ingredients continuing on to all levels of processing and concluding with the dispatched seed processed on customer's order.

Faubel & Co. Nachfolger GmbH is an international company with many years of experience and expertise in printing. Our Faubel Creative Solutions business unit creates unique labels, tags and giveaways which stand out at the point of sale, enhance brand image and product awareness.

Faubel's comprehensive service ranges from idea finding and tailor-made conception down to the production of promotional items.

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